Sean Maddox

Sean Maddox enjoyed a spiritually abundant but financially impoverished childhood on an Oklahoma farm. At age 14, his family moved to Colorado. After majoring in theatre at the University of Colorado, he joined the U.S. Air Force. Following discharge with a medal for meritorious service, Maddox married and relocated to Toronto with his Canadian wife. In less than two years, he became the managing director of Toronto’s highly acclaimed International Caravan Festival, produced multicultural presentations for Queen Elizabeth II and former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Maddox later served as executive director of Theatre Ontario, publishing a monthly theatre magazine, producing theatre festivals, and managing professional theatre training programs. A decade later he returned to Colorado with his wife and son.

Unable to find work in his field, Maddox transitioned successfully to business, working 20 years for two major American corporations. As he approached the apex of his career, he suffered a near-fatal fall from a ladder and a midlife crisis, which launched his spiritual journey and extensive studies in mythology, depth psychology, Kabbalism and world religions. He was ultimately inspired to write When Time and Eternity Kiss, which is the first in a unique trilogy of books on the Bible that proves the Bible is the spiritual journey guide book par excellence. Sean lives with his wife, Susanne, in the San Francisco Bay area.